Majority Element II

nums = [99,2,99,2,99,3,3]
nums = [1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 3]
def majorityNumber(self, nums):    candidate1=None    candidate2=None    vote1=0    vote2=0    one_3=len(nums)//3    for i in nums:      if(candidate1==i):        vote1+=1      elif(candidate2==i):        vote2+=1      elif(vote1==0):        candidate1=i        vote1=1      elif(vote2==0):        candidate2=i        vote2=1      else:        vote1-=1        vote2-=1       #end of for   count_of_cand1=0   count_of_cand2=0   for i in nums:     if(i==candidate1):       count_of_cand1+=1     elif(i==candidate2):       count_of_cand2+=1   print(candidate1,candidate2)   return [candidate1,candidate2][count_of_cand2>one_3]



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