110. Balanced Binary Tree

if root
return true
left_height = height_find(node.left)+1
right_height =height_find(node.right)+1
if abs(left_height -right_height) >1
return false
left = check(node.left)
right = check(node.right)

if left ==false or right == false
return false
return true

class Solution:
def isBalanced(self, root: Optional[TreeNode]) -> bool:
if self.rec(root) ==-1:
return False
return True

def rec(self,root):
if not root:
return 0
left = self.rec(root.left)

if left==-1 or right == -1 or abs(right-left)>1 :
return -1
return 1 + max(left,right)



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